Mother of the sun I can feel your warmth Moving so slow I feel the change come around How’d we get here? Where did time go? I wanna be free But I’ve lost control If he was real He’d set me free But your light only shines Bright in the dark Stranger in the dark Won’t you come in close? Your touch is cold I feel the change come around
Ancients 03:04
I can’t believe the world you want Where you take the poor, toss them aside Don’t you see how the world will work? When people do not fear, what they all know Your ancient ways will crumble down Your fear is no excuse at all To snatch away a life Please turn your mind and heed the call Or justice will just rot and die Your ancient ways will crumble down I’ve seen it all, seen it all before Your will is strong, not strong enough We’ll take it back, take it back from you Your ancient ways will crumble down
The Seeker 04:39
Spirits come down from the hill They are calling your name still We’re all hoping you don’t crash Telling the truth shouldn’t be so hard When the black sun sets It leaves a scar It doesn’t have to be this way And you never show your face Seeker don’t look to your past The future holds a stronger path Not one reason to wait Slipping into the abyss As you raise the glass to your lips You can’t even look me in the eye You silenced your demons now And your hero smiles down
Voices 05:16
The tower smokes into the skyline The engine boils and churns Faceless workers in the breadline A place to starve is what they’ve earned Don’t try All I ask is “Why?” Through the eyes of a child As the landscape fades away I’m gonna drift off into space You look for answers in the darkness But a book of lies is your only light And the voices in your head they can’t help you Don’t you try to understand this life Don’t try All I know is time Through the eyes of a child As the landscape fades away I’m gonna drift off into space
Gone 05:05
My love She left me on the side of the road Didn’t turn back to see my body turn cold Left me out to rot lying with the warm stones Sun sets she’s gone She’s gone All my blood is spent and flows into the hard earth I can’t find a reason to lift my head and fight on This wretched story reads just like a sick joke Night falls and I’m gone Our love is once in a lifetime My heart is yours for the taking Tears fall Rain down into the chasm of my parched soul I remember that I’m living in a strange world But this one life is all I’ll ever get to know
Badlands 04:41
Sun goes down Coyotes howl Bow our heads to the arms of the world Lightning chasing Bison grazing This is not our domain Melting castles Serpents rattle Badlands sing a song to the dead
Vultures 05:51
I know where I belong Under the mountain’s shroud Set free from human sound It’s so far from me now How can I win? With the weight of the world Pushing down on me I cannot breath Goddess of the earth There’s blood in my eyes Strip it all away So I can see clear Surrounded by the crowd I’ve tried to make them proud Clarity I have not found They’re waiting for me now You will not keep Keep me from myself I will break free from all of this Your chains are strong, but not strong enough I will be in this place no more I will not wait Darker become the clouds And the vultures circle around They hungry for me now And I welcome them down I don’t know where I belong I don’t know how to belong I don’t know if I belong
Dead man in living clothes Wanders earth all alone Evil thoughts bore into his soul Like a gloved hand catching his throat See his pale face Can’t look away Might kill today Lying naked on the cavern floor Hit the bottom, still a long way to go The pills are bitter, don’t work anymore His mouth is moving but the words won’t flow She’s his only hope See his pale face Can’t look away Might kill today


Originally released in Europe by Noisolution and in North America, Asia and Australia by Ripple Music.


released March 8, 2019

Black Lung is:
Dave Cavalier- Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards
Adam Bufano- Guitar
Elias Schutzman- Drums, Percussion, Vocals, Keyboards

Additional Players:
J. Robbins- Bass
Backup vocals on “Voices” and “Vultures” by Ms. Sara
Djembe and kora on “Gone” by Amadou Kouyate

Produced and mixed by Frank Marchand
Recorded and engineered by Frank Marchand at Waterford Digital
Mastered by Mike Monseur at Bias Studios

Album artwork and photography by Ruby Gold (

All songs written by Black Lung, except for “Vultures”, written by Black Lung and Megan Rose.

All lyrics written by Dave Cavalier and Elias Schutzman, except for “The Seeker”, written by Dave Cavalier and Joe “The Late Bloomer” Keyes.

Published by La Chunga Music Publishing GmbH, edition Traxolution


all rights reserved



BLACK LUNG Baltimore, Maryland

In the deadly cold winter of 2014, Black Lung emerged from the underbelly of Baltimore with unprecedented amounts of volume. A union of Adam Bufano, Elias Mays Schutzman (of The Flying Eyes) and multi-instrumentalist Dave Cavalier, the trio toes the line between sonic pain and melodic bliss. ... more

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